Friday, November 24, 2006

I thought i would put up a few pictures of Wednesday night at the prince of wales as I'm always going on about it. This one is my old Mark with his new darabouka. There are a few more to view click here

It was a cracking night actually, plenty of variety. A lot of people expect it to be a folk session but we do have lots of different styles of music, some bizarre, we once had a singing saw, we've had opera and an eastern European belly dancer, that got the old gufters from the back bar standing up to have a look. Recently we've had some younger muso's which has livened things up a bit. I took a shot of Ewan this week who has a particular musical hero, have a guess who?

I went out last night with my arty chum Jeanette, she was helping me out with some art history for my mixed media book and we planned a new workshop she wants to do in the studio on art sketchbooks. Then we met up Mark and a few other mates and discussed our latest musical purchases. I just rediscovered Tackhead which really gets you making brooches fast i can tell you. Mark and i listen to the latest Tom Waits album when we got home Orphans it's very wonderful, grungy, sexy and sad.

more brooches beckon......

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I had a really had a good time a the craft fair, it was great to catch up with other artists and do a bit of networking. I had an enquiry from The Ferrers Gallery in Ashby de la Zouch to do a textile exhibition in the Spring.

Now that i'm back and things have calmed down in the studio, i am catching up with piles of stuff and trying to make a start on my book Stitch Cloth Paper & Paint to be published god knows when. I can't seem to get started today. I am writing the introduction and noticed i was wiffling on a bit so i thought i would ramble on here instead. I am also trying to make stuff for our christmas open studio coming up soon.

I am listening to Philip Pulman's Dark Materials Trilogy, i read it a while ago and i still don't know what the hell's going on. Is dust good or bad??

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am up to my ears in bejewelled bags today for Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair, which starts this Friday at the Courtyard theatre. It's a really great show try to visit and say hi if you can.

I have been away this weekend studying with Hilary Bower at Missenden Abbey. She really has changed my way of thinking and i came away with loads of ideas and lots to consider about my approach to my work. I had to whizz off to Tunbridge Wells afterwards for a meeting at Search Press for the book that i am endevouring to write. It will be called 'Cloth Stitch Paper and Paint' and it's about mixed media techniques. Don't hold your breath though it's not out til 2008.

A funny thing happened at my digs at T-bridge though, i was late getting back and it was dark and deep in T-bridge suburbia, where all the houses look exactly the same (your pink half of the drainpipe......The Bonzo's), and everyone owns a car, i parked up outside what i thought was my digs and attempted to break in to the neighbours house before realising my mistake, luckily they were out! I had parked on the slightest bend in the road and when i got up the next morning my car was surrounded by miniature traffic cones, what do you make of that??

I'm off for a snooze now, buzzing with tiredness.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to my new blog and please excuse the lack of interesting stuff, i have to get the hang of this first. This my studio and i run creative workshops and make textile art here.