Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I think we are beginning to recover from the floods in Ledbury now, here's a picture of a small river running past my front door on Friday.

I am running a Mixed Media Summer School this week in my studio and all nine intrepid students arrived on time Monday morning. I felt quite proud, dedicated stitchers will go literally through hell and high water to do what they like to do best.

Back in February during winter school it snowed so heavily one day one of the girls had to be rescued in a monster truck. I've only done 2 so far and both have been unseated slightly by the weather!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday nights at the Prince of Wales in Ledbury is still swinging along despite the smoking ban. The pub seems quieter most other days but that's because everyone is out in the 'smoking shed' at the back of the pub. Last Saturday night hoping to catch up with my friends i went to the Prince and had an intimate evening with 5 different men. Every time one of them came back from the shed the other one got up and left me, addicts!! I never really noticed before that almost all of my friends are smokers. Last night Marcus counted 35 squeezed in to the shed!! It's really small there to so they must have been like sardines.

The Prince sessions have been going for around 14 years now every Wednesday night, Mark my old man has hosted almost all of them. It can get quite noisy, boisterous and chaotic but it is rarely dull and often has moments of musical beauty. I lost my 'mojo' with music for a while but more recently i have been enjoying playing my guitar and singing, i find it a great distraction from work, which i would do all the time otherwise!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Sewing Machines....

My friend Ann Paterson came over yesterday with her sewing machine. It has a panic button!!

My first machine was a Frister Rossman Cub 3 which i bought from the catalogue £1.50 per week when i was 17. It was with me all through my City & Guilds and HNC and it helped win me the Charles Henry Foyle Trust Award for Stitched Textiles. It always hated stitching metallic threads though i made it comply as well as i could but i could have used a panic button on several occasions. Mark says that he has worked on building sites over the years but has never heard such language as when i'm sitting at my sewing machine. Making things can be stressful sometimes don't you agree?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just got back from a really good 2 day workshop in Babbacombe, Devon, this is the view from the cliffs and the sun showed for about 10 mins then it started raining again, will it never end??

Poetry festival season is upon us, lots of hairy men clutching handbags full of screwed up paper, well they turned up at Ledbury Lyricists event at the Prince last night. I was a bit late coming back from Devon but it was swinging when i arrived.

My friend Caroline read a poem by our good friend Pete Brown who died of cancer just before the festival a few years ago. It is nice to think about him and remember how crazy he was, he really lived life to the full, it must have been a terrible frustration to him to die early when he had come to poetry late in life and he was really good at it and enjoyed performing it too!!