Monday, August 27, 2007

i haven't blogged for a while, i seem to have been whizzing about the country for the past few weeks but i've landed again at the studio to wade through a thousand emails and piles of post.

since the last post i've taught 2 summer schools one mixed media and the other design for embroidery at missenden abbey, both of which were brilliant fun and the students were all great and created some lovely stuff.

This picture is a winning quilt at the festival of quilts at the NEC by Lesley Brankin, she has been on my Advanced study course over the past year developing this piece so we were really excited when she won this award.

This here is a beautiful artwork i've produced for my book 'stitch cloth paper and paint' called 'sundial diptych'. i've been in Tunbridge Well again finishing off the project photography at Roddy Paine's studio. Mature and professional photographer Gavin Sawyer managed to sneak Homer Simpson in there somehow, he thinks it improved it, philistine! The book is coming on nicely now, Edd the Ed is very thorough making me explain everything and taking shots of my every move, if you need to know how to thread a needle and tie a knot in a piece of thread this is the book for you!! Estimated publication date now May 2008.