Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm managing with a field kitchen in my studio as i mostly live here now. in the end i gave in and had to buy some kitchen cabinets for my garret today. Trying to decide what bits you need to get is bloomin' minefield, i bet when i start building them there'll something missing. That reminds me of a joke about the old MP Cecil Parkinson 'one screw in the wrong place and the whole cabinet fall apart'.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last weekend i went on a trip to the Tate Britain to see the Turner Prize retro, i enjoyed Anish Kapoor big blue things and Grayson Perry's ceramics which were mesmerising.

But as usual Turner is the man for me, i was taken by this Turner watercolour 'Blue Rigi' it is so beautiful it moved me to tears. The Turner watercolour exhibition is really interesting, there is a room where you can do your own Turner drawing but me and my mate Sylvia were intrigued by the display of watercolour samples. They had a map of Europe and where Turner had visited and the colour palette he had used in each region. I was interested to see that he used lots of different pinks in Paris, i always think Paris looks pink.

If you had to choose a colour palette for your home town what would you use?