Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasons Greetings........................

I've been having a go at making a sort of animated video thing. The result is a bit rough but i'm quite pleased with my first attempt. For the uninitiated i've made scans of my 'inspired by klimt' techniques, black cotton velvet, bondaweb, hot spots (only available from nid-noi) transfoils, sweetie foils and lots of glitter and sequins. i didn't get around to stitching the piece it took ages to scan all this, watch out for next years video for embroidery.

if you dont already know i lost some of my outlook files including my diary, if you know i'm coming to you for a workshop or talk can you let me know just in case i've missed something. i don't mind getting loads of emails on the same subject i'm such a dolt for not backing up properly.

thanks to everyone i've met this year for inviting me to workshops and all of you whov'e come to ledbury artplace, keep it up i can't survive without you!!! Have lovely christmas and peaceful new year.

Anyway..... here's the video (sorry about the singing i've got a cold!)