Monday, January 26, 2009

oh lord! I've done too many blogs this month and now i have to keep it up with some kind of waffling. Actually last week i went to Brighton and saw a fantastic exhibition called 'Paintings Unwrapped' it is a collection of paintings from their collection paired up with some kind of relationship. i found myself studying each painting very carefully, something you don't normally do when visiting an exhibition.

here are two of the paired paintings 'old shoreham bridge' by william bond and 'stormy day in brighton' by charles conder.

I stayed with fellow artist Kim Thittichai and we went to see my friend Jac Raven play at an open mic session at a club called the Bees Mouth. He was great and blew the rest of the performers away. He is studying music at Brighton keep an ear out for him.

We both agreed that one of our fave tunes at the moment is Mykonos by Fleet Foxes. i dont know what it is about this song but it's lovely have a look yourself.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


i went wassailing last night with my girl friday and computer consultant Marcus Morris
wassailing involves anointing the roots of a cider apple tree with cider to encourage a good crop of apples next year and shouting loudly and generally making noise to wake the tree ready for spring. it's a pagan ritual although i felt more piddly and giggly than pagan after 2 pints of westons stowford press. good fun though! (picture by marcus)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A room with a view................

Happy new year to anyone that happens upon this blog. Heres a lovely dirty windowed view from my studio onto the wintery scene below.