Friday, November 06, 2009

Bags, brooches and Buttons.........

Bejewelled bags - work in progress

it's christmas here in my studio at the moment, everything is covered in glitter including me (no change there you might say). There are craft shows and gallery exhibitions heading toward me at a fast pace and in between the panicky making i thought i'd stop and do a quick post, i'm embarrassed to see the last post date again.

i think i have a couple of New Zealand and Australian blog watchers, guess what... i'm on tour over there next september only for a couple of weeks one is at geelong and the other at wellington. i'm excited though a little nervous about how to get me and my stuff over there, i have a lot of stuff.

When all the bags etc are finished i'll stick a few photos up, if you want to see them in the flesh come to the contemporary craft fair at hereford courtyard theatre next week.

i'm learning new songs at the moments this is one of them. Natalie Merchant's voice is haunting.