Friday, February 26, 2010

Sound Artists!

I am very lucky to have such a great bunch of textile mates around. Yesterday in the studio the Adhesion group met up, these are girls I’ve been working with on and off for 3 years we decided to get together as regularly as possible for discussion and exchange of ideas.
here they all are making blizzard books for fun!!!

Last session we were trying to think of interesting ways of coming up with ideas and while we were chatting I remembered having to speak to Herefordshire Council in support of my local pub’s music licence. I was allowed 10mins to speak, the issue was neighbours objecting to the noise. My feelings are that when you live in a busy town centre you have to put up with a certain level of noise so I was there to urge tolerance when you live closely with other human beings.
As part of my ten minutes of ‘glory’ I sat in my studio and recorded on paper the sounds that I heard in a 10 min period, constant traffic noise, dogs barking, the hum of my computer, mobile phone alarm, the tinny bhangra radio from the Indian restaurant next door, pans clanking, my breathing. It’s very interesting what you can hear when you give your whole concentration to one sense. We decided to all go away and do 10mins in a noisy place and then a quiet place…the group came back with some very interesting results.

I remember lookin at the earlier work of Richard Long when I was at college. He recorded sounds as he went on long walks, this is an artwork of a circular walk he took.

Sue recorded sounds on a walk with her dogs and was inspired to make a lovely small piece inspired by the sound of birds. (no photo sorry).

Sylvia recorded noise at her sisters house and converted it into stitch heres a couple of pics.

Ann (a great researcher) got all wrapped up in the idea of synesthetic art and found out all sorts on the subject (an instance of this is where an artist sees colour when listening to music) Kandinsky was a synesthetic artist

Heres a bit on Kandinsky for your viewing pleasure

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jekyll and Hyde

ok ok so both sides of my personality are show off's. this is my first proper gig in over a decade and i'm just starting to feel a prickle of nerves, wish me luck.......

Experimental Machine Embroidery

I'm just putting these images up for my Experimental ME group at Bramble Patch, they are (supposed) to be working hard (hope you are girls!!) on samples which may end up as a cushion cover a bit like this one. I enjoyed sticking to one colour i was really looking at texture and trying to create it with stitch.

Loads of techniques on here including quilting, soluble fabrics, whip stitches, cable stitch, twin needles and cording.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

my soul is fed with needle and thread

ever feel hungry to make something? i feel like i'm going mad with paperwork accounts and mortgages. will it ever get easier? probably not.

Ive got various things to report on, i'm teaching experimental machine embroidery once a month at The Bramble Patch, Weedon and everyone is doing so well as they are all a little nervous. Last sesh we were experimenting with line and twin needles, with lovely results.

oops i lost the bit of paper i wrote everyones names on sorry girls!

Last weekend i was working privately with a group of ladies in Lancashire on design developement and personal study. We were painting printing and discharging cartridge paper then ripping up to create ramdom design possibilities. i have quite a lot of samples of these abstract 'drawings' so i've bundled them up to make a book, not sure how to proceed with them yet.
of course all this experimenting only made me feel more fraustrated that i have made anything for a while so i revisited an old friend. This is a big version of 'Higher Than Birds'. i made some smaller pieces for H.Art last year see Aprils blog i want to see if i can paint this velvet surface and impress with rubber stamps.

i've used some lovely stencils here available from Crafty Notions large and small size 'Cosmic Swirl', i love the flowery ones as well but everything in moderation!

plenty to do then!!

this is a vid of the stunning T-Bone Burnett who i saw last year, he is about 10 feet tall and utterly mesmorising.

oh and you won't believe's snowing

Friday, February 05, 2010

Filming and new workshop programme

I was filming a DVD yesterday for Colouricous called Inspiring Velvet heres a pic of me in front of the camera. It was a really interesting experience working with a professional team of film makers. The format is quite informal chatting to Jamie, Grace and Jane about the processes involved in making my velvet pieces.
I've been writing a new workshop programme and a rough programme list is now on my Artplace website. i decided to continue presenting workshops at Ledbury Artplace because student feedback suggested that they really enjoy coming here and visiting the lovely market town of Ledbury, i can't really ignore public opinion can i??