Monday, August 23, 2010

Stephanie Redfern

 I enjoyed my time at the Festival of Quilts last week, brilliant to see lots of familiar friendly faces, I'm utterly shattered now but i managed to raise the funds to buy my ticket to Australia and New Zealand next month. I met up with Stephanie Redfern who i first met when we were both members of the Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen. She was a ceramicist then but now she is making beautiful textile pieces. She entered two art quilts in the festival and got a highly commended for one of them. Not only is she a great artist but a lovely person too. She has a blog for blog fans, these are pics of her lovely quilts, my favorites at the show.

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Big Chill

Managed to take a day out to go to the Big Chill at Eastnor just down the road from me in Herefordshire. Had a lovely day and saw some great music, my highlights were John Shuttleworth and Fionn Regan.

Jeanette my mate and fellow artist and her bloke John who is a great photographer he got much better photos than me of the musicians.

Me and Jan

John Shuttleworth (Dissaffected youth on my garage roof...brilliant)

101st Blog and Missenden Summer School

I just noticed it's my 101st blog on this site, god i do witter on don't i. Cause for celebration or something.

Here are a few more pictures taken by Sylvia Dymant of the last day of summer school at Missenden. Though the students didn't quite finish anything their work in progress was stunning, i feel quite proud!! There are a few more pictures on Facebook if you're interested too.

Friday, August 06, 2010

More at Missenden

 Last day of Summer School at Pipers Corner, it's been a great week with a group of great women. The collective knowledge and experience of such a group could end wars, solve the worlds economic difficulties..cure all ills. All they want to do though is mess about with paint, fabric and stitch....brilliant! 
Sylvia and Judith puzzle over colour theory...

Michelle was determined to develop her machine embroidery she really did too.. this is a lovely foiled bag she made.

bit of bleaching out.....using fantastic stencils from Crafty Notions

My demo piece including painted bondaweb and sweetie foils

a bit more of Michelle's bag..will try to get a pic of the finished article today.

me of course.... doing something interesting with a sponge?

this is a piece i worked on as a demo it turned out quite nice.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Missenden Abbey Summer School

I'm working at Missenden Abbey Summer School this week, we're doing exploring velvet and so far we've covered foiling on black velvet and machine embroidery. I have a super group of 11 who are keen and working very hard...i must admit to being knackered..lord only day 2!

my little display area

Some work by Janina (with one arm in a sling!)

The girls!

my sample piece

my sample piece nearly finished