Monday, November 29, 2010

Trying to work and stay warm

My studio and garret being a brick built shed (basically) it bloody perishing at the moment. Last years cold snap cost me so much in electricity bills i've only just finished paying. in an effort to reduce heating costs i'm camping out in one room, i brought the old wooden trestle in from outside complete with pegs frozen to the surface!!!!

it's getting cosy in here now and i've managed to remove a few layers so i can move my arms. i've got all the essentials around me, the main problem will be when to stop working!!!

i'm writing a project for a nameless American magazine who just told me that they can't fit it in....grrrrr i've spent quite a lot of time on this, 'sigh' oh well, i'll try and sell it to someone else. this is the end product, it's called 'into the woods' sewing kit.

i've been mostly listening to Kate, this seems appropriate at the mo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Created Birds and Creative Bird

 My mate Jo Teague will be exhibiting at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate this weekend. Jo and i studied our HNC Stitched Textiles at Gloscat together, this is what she say's about her work......

''''I love making things.  All sorts of things.

This desire to create things continues to grow stronger. While I have been at home raising my children full time I have been making things for them, for our home. During this time I have taken the opportunity to develop my skills and ideas through personal practice. I have always embroidered and over the last couple of years my work has developed into small pieces using hand stitching. I use fragments of recycled cloth, pieced together and embroidered over with words and phases. Words and phrases that I want to absorb into my life. The phrases range from medieval love letters through to modern poetry and quotes. This hand stitching gives the words a tangible texture and leads to re-consideration of their meaning. The work reflects my love of historical textiles and by producing my work by hand I want to give it a quiet but strong presence that hopefully evokes treasured textiles and a sense of fragile history.

I am continuing a family tradition of embroidery and I am a passionate advocate of all things handmade.'''''

She is a very direct and practical person and i love this about her. you can see more of her work at and she has a lovely blog here's a few pictures of her work.

I've made a little bull finch bird this week, he's very handsome though proud but has a big heart

he has a lady friend who flew in from Oz (made by Annette Packett) she's a bit grumpy cos she can't quite get over jet lag.

and finally ......Mrs Heath Robinson has been attempting to make an Animated Greetings card. i love doin this kind of thing, i get quite absorbed. i don't think Nick Park needs to worry though!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exploring velvet day 2

 Well .....what a great 2 days in the studio, the girls really got stuck into the decoration and collage of their velvet surfaces today. They didn't do a lot of stitch as they wanted to sit at home and stitch, here are the results.

Judy managed to get the machine out, here she is stitching from the back to make skeletal snowflakes on the surface.

Liz decorated her piece from yesterday with silk tree trunks sweetie foil and sequins

Helen dynamic orange piece really sings now.

Pink silk trunks on Helen's piece with silver foil stars.

Helen's vortex, not sure what'll happen next.

i did do lots of stitch with only 3 students i had time.

detail of my piece

my finished piece called 'Winter came too early'

getting ready for tomorrow i'm going to attempt a Christmas animation wallace and gromit this space!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exploring velvet workshop

had lots of fun in the studio today with Judy, Liz and Helen making velvet landscapes with a bit of a seasonal feel.

Liz's sun honeyed pieces

Helen's has an Autumnal feel

Judy in action

I can't get these bloomin things in order, Helen's again

Liz's snowflake piece, oh no i think it's mine

mine i think

Judy wanted the four seasons

Liz's with printed patterns

mine ready for stitch in the morning

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Altered Book Round Robin

 I've joined a local Altered Books Round Robin Group, all the members are artists of some sort, should be good. This is my book it going to be called 'Birds Eye View'. I've cut it into a house shape to begin with.

i got some crackle glaze i'm experimenting with, i needed to seal the surface with pva, the one on the left has the glaze pinging off. (yes i am a bit self obsessed at the moment, i've still got the Ledbury Lurgy)

I've cut an aperture in the first few pages of the book so that i can peep out of a window in the cover.

here i am peeping out

i made some little steps for ducks to get in (if they want to)

i've inserted a big tag for the artists to add their names to eventually

off to Nick Alexander (poet) to do his bit

don't hold your breath this is a monthly thing the whole project finishes in September 2011.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bits of News

Hi Folks,
Bits of pre-christmas news…I’ve got a cold but more interesting stuff below

I’m talking to Cherwell Valley Embroiderers Guild on ‘techniques and materials’ The meeting is on Thursday 18th Nov  in the village of Broughton, just outside Banbury at St. Mary’s House, Wykham Lane, ( OX15 5EB). The meeting usually starts around 7pm with coffee and notices etc

I’m teaching one day a month Creative Machine Embroidery at Bramble Patch, Weedon Northamptonshire NN7 4QU Phone  01327 342212

10 Thursdays - 13th Jan, 17th Feb, 17th Mar, 14th April, 12th May, 16th June, 14th July, 8th Sept, 20th Oct, 17th Nov 2011.

This course experiments with free machine embroidery techniques using a variety of threads and techniques. We will begin with the basics learning about your machine and its gadgets, getting the hang of free motion embroidery before then we will start to get experimental, we will aim to create a file or book of samples and reference notes, then work on 2 or 3 finished pieces for exhibition at Bramble Patch later in the year.. Students can be beginners or those who need to be pushed a little with their knowledge and understanding of this exciting and creative subject.

If you’re after some unusual Christmas gifts I will be opening my studio for one day, brooches, cards, books and DVD’S plus lots of other bits and bobs.
Sat 11th Dec
Angie Hughes’ Christmas Open Studio
Lots of goodies and Artworks for sale
Open 10—5

Ledbury Artplace,
5a Worcester Road,

tel. 01531 633100

Classes still available on the following dates

Sat & Sun 20th & 21st Nov
Exploring Velvet with Angie
I’ve made a DVD with Colouricious on this subject. You will learn how to colour velvet and discharge to create pattern, add a shimmering surface with foils and glitters and experiment with whip stitches, cording and vermicelli to name but a few machine embroidery stitches.

Sat 27th Nov
Machine Embroidery for Beginners
Get yourself going with machine embroidery, demystify the workings of your sewing machine and get to grips with free machine embroidery with and without an embroidery ring.

Sat 4th Dec
Brilliant Buttons with Angie
Have a go at making stitched buttons using self covering systems and trying out my button making machine. A nice fun pre-Christmas workshop for all abilities.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mini Tour Somerset and Cornwall

 I've been on a mini work tour first date Burnham-on-sea. The night before was Burnhams Carnival, it rained like hell but the floats were pretty stunning all moving parts and noise and dancing. quite a show...

The next day was an Icon's workshop here are a few images of students work.

Friday, November 05, 2010

ACT Symposium New Zealand

I've managed to load up a few images from my NZ trip, my laptop is so slow at the moment. this was my accommodation for the week by the beach
This is the little college 
where we were working.

getting ready for a days workshop

Wellington old and new

wobbly picture of guess who's book in the Minerva bookshop Wellington.

Wellington Harbour, v. posh.

tutors and 'the boss' Rosie White second from left.

'possie mitts' made from possum and merino. my students bought me some possie socks which i'm wearing as we speak!!!