Friday, April 29, 2011


The Scottish Embroiderers Guild are having a regional day tomorrow. I'm just off to catch a train as i will be speaking tomorrow......


The Regional Day 2011 is being held in Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 30th April.

The speakers will be Philippa Turnbull with her talk "Crewelwork in British castles, country Houses and Museums" and Angie Hughes with a talk on "Talks about her journey as a textile artist".

After coffee when you arrive, there will be a number of things to do

Members' Competition "Down to Earth". Young Embroiderers - also "A Magical Moment"

Branches Exhibition - work from all Scottish branches

ATC Swap


Traders will be available whenever there are no speakers or Guild updates.

For more information, Please contact the "Contact" below.

For further information contact Angela Higgins

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bramble Patch Easter Exhibition

Easter Exhibition - Saturday 16th - Saturday 30th April 2011

last couple of days!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Altered Books Round Robin book 4.

Last catch up post today......

This is Ann Davies' book based on 'Venice' well i've never been to Venice so i don't have much of a point of reference but i have read 'Miss Garnets Angel' by Salley Vickers. so i photo copied some of the text from the book to include in this one.

As i was rootling through my bits and bobs i found an old earring that had the madonna and child on it and a cross attached at the bottom. So i made this the focal point for my altered pages and included the photocopies as wall paper taking just one line 'a face, the madonna's face' as the text to include.

New Home

So..just before Easter i moved house and studio to a bijou apartment (some might call it a flat it certainly is flat) at the other end of Ledbury. It has a little patio and use of a garden so with the nice weather i'm living an indoor/outdoor life style and it's lovely.

it don't look much at the moment but i have a few ideas to arty it up a bit. I daren't let you see indoors it's still cardboard city. 

Bletchley Park and Altered Books

Had a day to occupy myself over east so i visited Bletchley Park.

This is a copy of the machine that cracked the Enigma code..... hmmm how interesting.

Now this is more like it... Pidgeon Parachutes!!! They were our secret weapon during the war.

special little rucksacks (ok ankle sacks) full of secrets...

right.... enough of that frivolity back to work. I did a lecture on friday evening to the North Herts Embroiderers Guild, they really know how to do a social .....fantastic food. Next day i was employed to teach the amazing art of Altered Books here are the results.

This one is my sampler

I think this one was made by local celebrity Gina Ferrari sorry if it isn't Gina i should really make notes

As you can see the students really got going a flew with it. The problem i find with Altered books workshops is that students have a problem cutting or painting pages of a BOOK but really you're just giving it a new lease of life.....

now.. back home i've got a whole house to move.

Daisy Bookwraps at Bramble Patch

I had a little tour of Northants and North Herts the week before last (i'm catching up on old news as i've been off line and without a landline for over a week, peculiar feeling like loosing a limb) I was teaching at Bramble Patch Weedon to begin with 'Daisy Bookwraps'


A few action shots...the students tolerantly suffered being guinea pigs for the day, i've never done this process in one day before, prefering to let everything dry overnight before painting the next layer. Hairdryers were employed to speed up proceedings.

the girls did a fantastic job and nearly finished one or two actually did finish (this is mine above)

that was a great day i had some lovely students Bramble Patch is a great place to work. Next month at Bramble... Bedazzling Bowls 12th May and Inspired by Klimt 26th May this one's full but people sometimes drop out so it's worth getting on the waiting list.

So now off to Katie's at Cosgrove.......

Monday, April 04, 2011

Daisy Bookwrap at Bramble Patch

Gemma's preparing samples for my Daisy Bookwrap workshop next week at Bramble Patch as i add this link i notice class is full so sorry if you are interested. Gemma is getting her noodle round french knots, poor old girl!!

Here's a wrap by Judy who did this from the Stitch magazine (i think)

The Lovely Ladies of Lutterworth

I've been teaching Exploring Velvet at Lutterworth EG here are their results, we didn't get around to machine embroidery the results were amazing and they laid on the most amazing food...big up the puddings!!


these are Almshouses in Frolesworth where the village hall was, they were originally built for the widdows of the parish...Hamble Yacht Club next.....