Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Treasure box

I've been working with discharge paste called 'Decolourant' this week. I wanted to make a box from the fabric that i'd made. I had bought a lovely little button from the button show at Macclesfield Silk Museum made by Jane Carmichael. (does anyone know her??)

it's about 2cms wide and i thought i would make a box to keep it in and wanted to stitch it in a similar style. It has an Indian feel so i thought i would discharge the base velvet fabric using an Indian style stencil. I painted the velvet with teal dye na flow, ironed it to fix then sprayed over with magenta procion dye. Then i sprayed decolourant through the stencil and ironed it while wet, you can see the result above under the button.

of course i got got carried away with machine and hand embroidery....

So much so that i completely covered the original fabric!!

thats what happens i spose.....

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Herefordshire Art Week

i've been on a little trail today for Herefordshire Art Week..i had a lovely visit to Rowan McGonegal's studio in Pixley in her garden she has loads of echinacea the bees love it!! So it's any wonder they pop up on her glass work now and then.

Also stopped in at Salvation cafe to see Kathleen from Murgatroyd and Bean...this piece its part of the show and sadly sold.

Go and have a look if you can...i'm stewarding at Aardvark books tomorrow at Brampton Bryan 11 - 4 come and say hi.