Thursday, May 08, 2014


Well i've had quite a difficult time recently my mum passed away right in the middle of my busiest time of year. It was quite sudden and unexpected so it's taking a while to sink in. I of course took a little time out to reflect and organise but you do have to keep going in the end.

She was a great support to me whether it was helping at shows, packing kits or giving my studio a good clean when i was busy. She loved the work i do and had her own little collection. She taught me to make things from an early age so it's not surprising the path i chose to take!!!

of course i'm still in fuzzy wuzzy world and consequently still making needlcases...very comforting. I've put a few up on Etsy again.

Just to remind whats coming up....
10th Inspired by Klimt w/s Farncombe Estate, Broadway, Glos
15th Talk South Cheshire EG
16th - 18th Exploring Velvet w/s Missenden Abbey
23rd - 24th Bejewelled Bags w/s Cutting Edge Studios, Malvern (via me)

30th Bedazzling Bowls w/s, Roseland Mews, Liskeard Cornwall

18TH Tagbooks Bramble Patch
27th Stitched Landscapes w/s Cutting Edge Malvern (via me)

16th Vanishing Worlds Bramble Patch
28th-1st Aug Oxford Summer School

i've recently been teaching in Poland and the ladies made this super little film!!